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99 percent eating the 1 percenters scraps

The poor are eating the rich men’s scraps!

Welfare, unemployment, Medicaid, and food stamps are just “financial crack.” I know. I’m stating the obvious again. Not really, actually it is only obvious to people who don’t receive it. It’s no different than how anyone addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc. doesn’t see their addiction. Another similarity is that it is usually the sober friends and family that are doing everything they can to help their loved one get “clean.” And an even bigger similarity is that the most effective way to help an addict is tough love. It’s not ironic that I use the word “love,” more than once. in fact it’s yet another similarity.

Conservative, Christians, The Tea Party Patriots, and everyone else on the right get made out to be the evil villans that don’t care about the poor. When the fact is nothing can be further from the truth. Our reasoning to get people off of the financial crack is from a place of love. It’s our love of Country, family, and our fellow man. Our love of our American way of life. And we are going to need a leader that is willing to show some “tough love” to get the USA back on track. And stand up to the other members of his family… including the distant relatives on the other farm.

For too long many Americans have been held hostage and kept under the table because of various welfare programs. They are controlled and kept as prisoners to a system of government that resembles a parasitic relationship. When the people in power and the media all but say, “ we are going to give you your crack for free if you keep voting for us.” AND from time to time, “we’ll promise you more if you do everything we say.” What is even scarier is the blame games, brainwashing techniques, and the psychological warfare that is going on to convince these addicts that “we are very good for holding you down and keeping you from your potential, but those guys telling you they want to help are the ones who want to give you labotomies.” And the sad reality is that there are so many Americans from the uneducated to the highly educated and sophisticated that believe in this system… hook, line, and sink HER… the USA that is.

If I were the leader who was lucky enough to inherit the problems of the USA and this horrible economy and have the opportunity to fix it, I would consult with as many people as I had to no matter how many hours it took to find the “stepping stones” to get us there. We need to get Americans off the financial crack and yes create programs if we have to in order to rehabilitate them, figuratively speaking, to show them how to get to a greater prosperity. This is not possible for many of the people lost deep in the program, but even as a simple American I have thought of ways to show most people a better way and help them to ween themselves off welfare and show them how they can do better without the government programs. The question to these people is… Do you want to be kept under the table eating the scraps they drop to you or do you want to eat at the table of plenty and choose what you want to eat?

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