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Donald Trump Blasts Obama for fighting for deserter instead of Marine

Tea Party supporter Donald Trump Blasting Obama over handling of Tahmooressi.

Donald Trump appeared on Fox News’s “On The Record” discussing Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who is being held in Mexico. He blasted President Obama over the handling of the wrongful imprisonment of Tahmooressi.

With all the billions and billions of dollars that we send down Mexico’s way with our companies and everything else and tourism, that we don’t have a president that can call and say, ‘Let him out and let him out now’ is hard to believe.”

Trump blasted the incompetence of the White House leadership for not fighting hard for Tahmooressi but did fight for an army deserter. Trump called Tahmooressi a hero and a soldier who “did a good job in the Marines.

It is time for President Obama to stand up to the Mexican government and demand the release of Tahmooressi. Mr. Tahmooressi has been in prison for far too long. President Obama and listen to the thousands of Americans calling for the release of our hero and Marine.  The only thing Tahmooressi did wrong was make a wrong turn.  Because of President Obama, Tahmooressi has missed countless holidays with his Family.  President fights for the criminals but ignores the innocent.

We the American people of the United States of America demand the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi!

Sign this petition to call upon Congress Free Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi from Mexican jail

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