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U. S District Court Re-issues summons for Obama

U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma Issues Summons for Obama

tulsa, downtown tulsa,
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TULSA , July 6, 2014 —  While the nation was drawn to the many national issues, the District Court in Tulsa has been quietly moving through another suit filed against Obamacare.

Court Records show that Michael D. Rix of Newkirk, Oklahoma filed a petition with the court on November 4th, 2013. According the a copy of the civil docket for this case on June 3rd a summons was re-issued to President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and two others.

The summons each dated June 3rd state the the person named have 60 days to comply. There is no indication at this time if the summons will be complied with.

In the petition Rix asserts:

“Although the question has been settled concerning the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, it has yet to address the issue of implementation of said law and that is the position of the plaintiff that the Defendant(s) illegally exempted themselves and some special interest groups from the same treatment as the “American Public” and is a egregious violation of the Plaintiff’s right to equal protection as is required by the Constitution. (See; United States Constitution, (14th) Fourteenth Amendment.”

In the petition Rix seeks to have either the individual mandate repealed, or the exemptions given by Obama to those stated above.

Congress has failed to take any meaningful action against this administration’s continued over reach by unilaterally changing laws that have been enacted by Congress which he signed into law earlier.

It will be individuals like Mr. Rix that find ways to fight the lawless acts of this administration and this train wreck called the Affordable Care Act.

In a phone conversation Michael Rix stated that he is a Marine veteran, that he is currently retired with a fixed income, and has healthcare issues.
Rix is a passionate man and cares deeply for the Constitution and the future of our nation.

In an article by Amy Goldstein the Health and Science section of the Washington Post, Goldstein writes that many of the changes were because of technical issues, while many were in response to complaints by specific groups. Goldstein lists 14 changes in 2013 and 4 more in 2014.

An article by Amy Payne in the DailySignal dated August 16, 2013 explains the change in the ACA that exempts Congress illegally.

Many states have accepted expanded Medicaid programs that will be federally subsidized temporarily, and as those states that rejected this expansion noted, once those federal funds dry up it will leave states with severe budget problems. The CBO notes that big cuts are in the healthcare law as well as new taxes. Reductions in medicare will also be implemented.

No doubt the new expemptions will affect the cost of the ACA in a negative manner.

The many reports and suits being brought against this law and the administration’s changes clearly indicate that this law was a terrible law to begin with and will be challenged for the foreseeable future.

Asked if he had any further remarks Mr. Rix sent this statement.

Being an American isn’t just a privilege it’s a responsibility. The founding fathers intended that we all stay engaged in the political process. Evil, (or in this case, tyrannical over bearing abusive president), exist when good people, (patriotic people), stand by and do nothing.

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