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CIA’s actions in Benghazi still shrouded in mystery

What Was The CIA Up To in Benghazi

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The facts surrounding the Benghazi “phony scandal” keep getting curiouser and curiouser. One wonders what the CIA is trying to hide and why it is trying to hide it from the media and congressional investigators.
First came the revelation by CNN’s Jake Tapper that there were dozens of CIA operatives on the ground in Benghazi the night Ambassador Chris Stevens and his companions were being murdered. Those with knowledge of what was going on are being subject to frequent polygraph test to make sure that no one has leaked the information.
Then came the charge, reported by Fox News, that the Obama administration is hiding the survivors of the Benghazi massacre by, for all intents and purposes, putting them in a bizarre kind of witness protection program, with new identities and dispersing them around the country. But instead of protecting them against terrorists, the implication is that the White House is protecting itself against people trying to find out what is really going on.
The question arises, was what the CIA doing (the rumor is that it had to do with some kind of gun running operation) related with the refusal to send help to Ambassador Stevens and his companions as the terrorists were attacking them? Was someone afraid that the operation would be blown if too many uncontrolled boots on the ground showed up at Benghazi?
This all seems like something out of a Jason Bourne movie, complete with shadowy covert operations, rogue spies, and government corruption. It is not as if this sort of thing hasn’t happened before. President Kennedy had Operation Mongoose, the plot to kill Fidel Castro. President Reagan had Iran/Contra. President Obama himself has had Operation Fast and Furious. Each of them were covert operations that went wrong and proved to be an embarrassment to the administration under whose watch they occurred.
The truism is that the cover up is worse than the scandal, though considering that Benghazi is essentially Watergate with a body count, one wonders if that is true in this case. However the matter can only have one end. The truth will be revealed sooner or later. One suspects that the Obama administration knows this and hopes that it can delay the matter until after the president leaves office.

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  1. As long as money talks louder than US .. And laws treat each of US to different justice depending upon who or what we are. To a faction packed democracy we fall divided. .Before 1913 senators were state voices not party agenda corporate whores with foreign interest.They listened to the state legislatures,and the constitutional limits of federal power or were removed.Today they buy diebold and win.
    Come to America we will treat you just like your home. No rights or guaranteed justice
    Wave your own flag forget melting but don’t fly ours it might offend someone
    Speak your native tongue and no comprehendi me …
    After all we need factions so people cannot unite and vote out all who rewrite,debunk and amend that out dated constitution gone

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