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Maybe Experience is not A Necessary Requirement For President after all

Does experience really make you more qualified to be President

Do we really need someone as President that has experience? Experience at what? Does being a Governor, president of a large corporation, or a Senator really make someone more qualified? Not in my book it doesn’t, and to make my case here are two examples at the opposite ends of the spectrum.

First, we have George Washington. No, I’m not pushing the “founding fathers” here. Nor am I saying, it’s about the founding fathers principles. It is far more simple than that. Here is a simple farmer that had zero military experience. There’s not much explanation needed here. We all know he successfully led our troops in battle and became the first President of the United States. But, most importantly, he ushered in freedom, liberty, and built the foundation of this country. And not only did he not have political experience, our fledgeling country didn’t have a political system to get to know then. He simply used common sense, the foundations of love and freedom, the desire to unify people under one flag, and the will to build a country that everyone can be free and prosper.

Next, we can take any candidate today that has “experience.” What is that experience? They usually have the ability to negotiate from their side, have the willingness to give up their principles to please the other side, while making secret deals with everyone else in the sidelines, and asking taxpayers to pay for it. Oh, and the knowledge to borrow money on the USA’s back to fund a ponzi scheme that Bernie Madoff could only dream of, while skimming enough money off the top to pay some countries to like us and pay other countries to take our jobs. But the best kind of experience they have is the ability to blame the other side while they are doing it.

I often get told that politics today is far different from George Washington’s day. And I agree with that, but the real difference is the mindset. The mindset then was that the governments role was to unify a country, protect the people, guard our freedoms, and let the people and states prosper. Today, “experience” has interwoven government so heavily in our lives that the burdens of debt, taxes, and unnecessary regulations are weighing us down to the point that the average person not only cant prosper, they are fighting to survive while having their beliefs and freedoms threatened daily. Experience in politics is like inbreeding, it might make a pretty species, but they just keep getting dumber with major gene flaws.

The solution is someone that is willing to make decisions with common sense while keeping it simple, someone with the future of America in their heart and not their words, and someone with the courage to untangle the webs that have been inbred into our society that are not only choking people but are creating a society that is dependent on government and will never have better as a result. We need someone who is willing to reach out to the other side and incorporate their ideas to create the stepping stones we need as a country to get us back to simpler society that everyone can prosper in, feel safe, and unify under one flag.

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  1. Sounds like Sarah Palin, although she does have just enough experience to know how things work, and still not be “for Sale”.


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