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We need immigration reform that shows America is a Humane Nation, But Not a Soft One

America is in desperate need of a solution to illegal immigration

Two days ago on the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly discussed his plan for immigration reform. Under his plan Mexico would be policing their own borders and stopping illegals from crossing into Mexico from Central America. Just this past week Obama has threatened to pass immigration reform without Congressional approval.

O’Reilly supports the threats of trade sanctions against Mexico if they were to not cooperate. He also believes that undocumented aliens should be required to register at a local post office and provide their name, age, country of origin and U.S. address. O’Reilly supports a legal path to citizenship for all but this plan would put these undocumented workers behind those who applied legally from the beginning. O’Reilly said that aliens would not be able to receive entitlements, though their children could. The feds would also be able to deport any alien who is undesirable for social or criminal reasons.

O’Reilly labels this plan a fair one and one that would show the world we’re a humane nation. Charles Krauthammer continued the conversation explaining that if America secured the borders than most Americans would support legalizing the illegal immigrants here. Krauthammer believes illegal immigrants should not be given citizenship because they broke the law, but they should be given green cards, the right to work and protection if they pay fines and learn English. The younger generation should be allowed to become legal citizens.

Krauthammer is in favor of the fence on the border. “Fences work,” if fences did not work, then the White House would not have one, the Berlin Wall would have never been a problem, and there is a fence along the West Bank.

There are many flaws in Bill O’Reilly’s immigration plan. We must not allow immigration into this country until we get our economy fixed and all Americans who want to work are working. We can’t afford to be helping immigrants from Mexico right now. Right now, we need to round up all undocumented workers and do a criminal check and send them back home. Immigration reform needs to be on the top of the list for every politician regardless of political affiliation. Without our border secured, we are prone to a huge influx of illegal immigrants into this country. Right now the mass influx if illegal immigrant children has caused the Federal government to search for places to house these children at including an old Walmart store.

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