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Bill Ayers still open to bombing America

Live on The Kelly File, Weather Underground leader “still open to bombing America”

Bill Ayers Interview | CREDIT: YouTube Capture

Bill Ayers Interview | CREDIT: YouTube Capture

Fox News’s own Megyn Kelly had an exclusive interview with Weather Underground Founder and Obama supporter Bill Ayers. Ayers throughout the interview denied any wrongdoing and that he only destroyed property and refused to go any further than that. Ayers attempted to shift the blame for his actions on the violence stemming from the Vietnam War. She called him out on that saying, “You sound like – with respect – Osama bin Laden,”

He refuses to admit that his attacks on the NYC police headquarters, the U.S. Capitol and the Pentagon were acts of violence; he refers to them as “destruction of property.” He still believes that his group should have destroyed more property. His group have claimed responsibility for more than twenty bombings in protest of the Vietnam War. His reasoning behind that was to stop the “genocidal war” We should have done more to stop that genocidal war, and that included destroying more property,”

Ayers wants to give advice to President Obama on various political issues facing America right including universal healthcare, closing Guantanamo Bay, and stopping the drone attacks. Kelly asked whether Ayers would bomb America again and without hesitation answered yes.  Ayers even commented on recent events including the Bowe Bergdahl situation. “I think Bowe Bergdahl, if he deserted, is a hero,” likening it to those who fled to Canada during the Vietnam War. “I think throughout history we should build monuments to the unknown deserters.”

“I can’t completely say, ‘No, I would never, ever rise up in opposition in a very militant and serious way’ […] I’m not committed to nonviolence as an ideology.” – Bill Ayers in response to if he would bomb America again




This man needs to be locked up for even considering bombing America again. That should be part of the definition of intent to kill Americans. This man should not see the light of day any more. He is a threat to national security, however thanks to Obama he will enjoy the rest of his life walking free across America.

Complete Interview Below:

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