The Obama Administration full of coincidences!

Coincidences built on top of each other soon become corruption.


Lerner’s email magic trick, coincidence; I don’t think so! Several employees of the IRS who are under investigation has had their hard drives suddenly crash at the same time. These hard drives contain emails sent to and from top officials at the DOJ and even the White House. Coincidence is defined as a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld doesn’t believe in coincidences.

“Coincidences are nothing more than orders masked as chaos,” Gutfeld said, calling the Obama administration “a mess choreographed like a Broadway musical.” This sudden crash of hard drives is a planned strategy by the IRS and high-ranking officials at the DOJ and the White House.

Was it a coincidence that the new IRS director is a major Obama donor as well as a major donor for members of Congress? What about the fact that the IRS is the force behind enforcing Obamacare. Definitely sounds like a strategic move by the Obama Administration. What do all these coincidences add up to; the answer Obama protecting his own rear-end.

How does America respond to this possible coincidence? According to Hot Air 82 percent of those under age 35, most of whom have grown up with email all their lives, do not believe the IRS’s emails disappeared.




All these “coincidences” deserve to be explained; however, that appears to be going very slowly. Key IRS officials refuse to answer questions asked by Congress. I demand America gets answers before President Obama is out of office. Eventually these coincidences will completely obliterate the legacy of Obama.


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