Former Walmart a possible location to house illegal immigrant children

Health and Human Services checking out a New York Walmart to house illegal immigrant children.

CREDIT: Wiki Common
CREDIT: Wiki Common

America has suddenly been inundated with thousands of children who are illegal immigrants. The question that remains for immigration and the other agencies that are stuck with them, is what do we with them and where do we put them. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross reports that the Department of Health and Human Services is looking into an abandoned Wal-Mart near Rochester New York.

According to WHAM and Representative Chris Collins, HHS will conduct an initial assessment of the facility. Collins was not in favor of putting his district through the mess of harboring the influx of the illegal children who are coming across the border. HHS is also looking at other locations across the country for possible places to house these children. HHS assessed a location, only to discover it’s a fully occupied Reosrt and Spa; they are also considering Saratoga County as well as Long Island. During an interview with WGRZ, Senator Chuck Schumer aired his opinion on the plan of bringing the undocumented children to New York.

“I will make sure that Homeland Security does not shove any decision down any community’s throat,”

“I will make sure that Homeland Security does not shove any decision down any community’s throat,” he said, adding that the Obama administration needs to “step up its game” in protecting the border while also addressing Central America’s humanitarian crisis.

America has to deal with this mess because as part of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, U.S. immigration policy requires that, rather than sending the children back to their home countries, they be put into deportation proceedings. That involves housing them in HHS facilities while the agency searches for family members or sponsors to take them in while their immigration cases are pending.

President Obama needs to step up his game and stop this influx of illegals. As the rise of illegals sneaking across the border increases, our economy will continue to suffer. It is time to finally rid America of the illegals. I’m all for people from all over the world to come to America but they must go through the legal process.

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