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IRS targeted sitting Senator Chuck Grassley

Emails reveal Lois Lerner targeted Senator Grassley

Senator Grassley | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

Senator Grassley | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

According to a Press Release from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, the IRS knowingly targeted Senator Chuck Grassley.

“We have seen a lot of unbelievable things in this investigation, but the fact that Lois Lerner attempted to initiate an apparently baseless IRS examination against a sitting Republican United States Senator is shocking,” Chairman Dave Camp said in a statement. “At every turn, Lerner was using the IRS as a tool for political purposes in defiance of taxpayer rights. We may never know the full extent of the abuse since the IRS conveniently lost two years of Lerner emails, not to mention those of other key figures in this scandal. The fact that DOJ refuses to investigate the IRS’s abuses or appoint a special counsel demonstrates, yet again, this Administration’s unwillingness to uphold the rule of law.”

Lerner first targeted Grassley after receiving an invitation to a speaking engagement, which was intended for Senator Grassley. According to Mr. Camp, instead of forwarding the invitation to Grassley, Lerner instead had others within her office examine the issue.

Townhall’s Katie Kieffer reveals an email between Lerner and IRS official Matthew Giuliano; in which Giluiano shot down the idea of the IRS examining Senator Grassley. Ms. Lerner continues to break the law; obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, lying under oath, and now opening someone else’s mail and top it all off targeting a sitting U.S. Senator.

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