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How is Flag Burning, Free Speech?

Some consider flag burning a constitutional right!

CREDIT: Wiki Commons

CREDIT: Wiki Commons

Flag burning is considered free speech according to the Supreme Court. I don’t understand that ruling. The act of flag burning is a disgrace to this country. The only reason you do it is because you hate this country and hate what this country stands for. I believe the right to free speech needs to be clearly defined. Currently it is a federal crime to utter threatening words against a sitting president or politican regardless of whether you mean it or not. America’s flag is a symbol of its greatness, democracy and freedom. Burning the flag is akin to denouncing these values that are symbols of the country.

The flag should be respected and revered. Burning or desecrating the flag in any way should be considered an offense to freedom and democracy and should therefore be considered a crime. The American flag is a symbol of pride and spirit in America. When one burns the flag, they burn along with it that patriotic spirit and emotion that many Americans hold dear. Additionally, it disrespects the lives and families of all who have ever fought to keep the flag waving proudly in the air.

The absurdity does not stop there; people who burn the flag are doing so as a means of protesting against the government, which can be done in countless different manners. Rather than needlessly burning a symbol of American pride, people who dislike the state of the government could just write a petition or join a protest. You cannot possibly connect this act of burning the flag to a Freedom of Speech issue.

First of all, several other acts of speech have been outlawed, meaning this would not be the first. Additionally, those other acts are not as abhorrent as the desecration of the American flag and the spirit that thrives within it. Also, when we give the actions of these flag-burning fools the title of protected speech, we are actually dignifying their actions. No, just no. We must look past these parochial first-amendment shenanigans, and realize that the act of burning the American flag is not an act of speech, but an act of terror. Once we do this, the action of burning an American flag can be made illegal as easy as the act of screaming, “bomb,” on a plane or screaming “fire” in a crowded theater. I do support the idea that people should be free to speak their mind, regardless of what people think, however their should be limits to what they are allowed to say and do. Flag burning is not free speech it is a declaration of war against the United States.

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