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The time is now to remove Maliki from office

Iraq is spinning out of control

Nouri al-Maliki

Nouri al-Maliki | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

American allies across the world and lawmakers are fighting for the removal of Maliki from power. Maliki has done nothing to unite a civil war torn Iraq. Maliki was first elected President of Iraq in 2006. Maliki has and continues to ignore the minority Sunnis. US officials have supported the notion of forming a new government without Maliki; this new government would focus on including both Sunni and Kurdi members.

Senator Feinstein supports the removal of the Maliki government, which she mentioned during a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

“The Maliki government, candidly, has got to go if you want any reconciliation.”

Maliki must take responsibility for the destruction his country is facing right now. He has made both the Sunnis and Kurds angry. Last December, Maliki arrested Sunni parliament member Ahmad al-Alwani who supported a local protest; he was charged with “terrorism”. When the security forces attempted to arrest him it resulted in the five body guards killed including Alwani’s brother. Mr. Maliki also did nothing to prevent the countless car bombings and suicide bombings that occur almost on a daily basis.

Maliki’s party received the most votes in the last election back in April; however, it was not able to form a majority government. Maliki has struggled to form a coalition government. According to Fox News, Arab officials believe that Maliki’s actions both past and present laid the groundwork for ISIS insurgency by creating resentment among the Sunnis. Maliki’s government should not be recognized because of Maliki holding most if not all the cabinet positions.

President Obama continues to weigh the options for military intervention in an attempt to stabilize Iraq. Obama met with all four top Republican and Democratic leaders. Currently the military is flying F-18 surveillance missions over Iraq based off the USS George H.W. Bush, which was recently sent to the Persian Gulf.

The only course of action left for America is to remove Maliki from power in any way possible.

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