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Iraq War Blame Game: Bush or Obama

Who deserves the blame for the disaster Iraq has become?

CREDIT: YouTube Capture

CREDIT: YouTube Capture

It is June 18, 2014 and Iraq is still a mess even after spending billions of tax payer money on fighting a war, training Iraqi forces and even giving Iraq some of our military gear. On Tuesday, Glenn Beck came out admitted that Liberals got Iraq right

“[Liberals] said we couldn’t force freedom on people,” Beck said at the start of his Tuesday radio show. “Let me lead with my mistakes. You were right. Liberals, you were right, we shouldn’t have.”

Kirsten Powers in her USA today column also believes President Bush deserves the blame:

Let’s be clear: What is happening in Iraq is the fault of the George W. Bush administration and those who agitated for invasion. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, ISIS “emerged in the ashes of the U.S.-led invasion to oust Hussein.”

I tend to agree that Obama deserves some blame however; President Bush should have taken responsibility for this disaster.

First, there was this incident

Then President Bush tried to place blame on Hussein for the 9/11 attacks which turned out that the hijackers had no connections to Hussein. Ms. Powers points out that the confusion of trying to blame Hussein for the attacks when terrorists’ extremists (ISIS) are attacking the people of Iraq. ISIS are even blacklisted by Al-Qaeda.

I do believe at the time of invasion that Hussein was not a threat to America. The “WMD’s” did not exist. Without the Invasion, we would not have ISIS nor would we have Maliki’s dictatorship ignoring the Sunni and Kurdish minorities, which is leading to a very heated sectarian war ready to burst.

Lastly, Iraq doesn’t understand what democracy means nor did they want the ideals shoved down their throats. We need to not be world police. Let the Iraqi’s run their own country.

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