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Iraq: A Lost War

Is it truly time to leave Iraq alone?

U.S. troops engaged in Iraq|CREDIT: Wiki Commons

U.S. troops engaged in Iraq|CREDIT: Wiki Commons

In 1991, The United States along with a coalition of European nations went to war with the Islam, Arabic, and oil rich Middle Eastern nation of Iraq.  A nation that has the distinction of being the birthplace of some of the first civilizations such as Mesopotamia, and Babylon. However in 1991 Iraq was just a backward tin pot dictatorship run by its president Saddam Hussein, a man responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses at the time against Iraq’s religious minority of Shia and racial minority of Kurds.

The reason for this invasion was to defend the oil rich neighboring nation of Kuwait from sudden aggression from Iraq. However, the war only lasted for a short period after Iraqi forces were pushed out of Kuwait and Saddam Hussein soon agreed to stop aggressions with Kuwait.

12 years later in 2003 The United States again invaded Iraq because of perceptions that Iraq was developing nuclear weaponry, and dealing with the terrorist organization of Al Qaeda.  In this war, the government of Iraq quickly fell, and the dictator Saddam Hussein was soon captured. However it soon was found out that Iraq never had nuclear weapons and likely never attempted to create them.  Now with Saddam Hussein gone the Shia wanted to get revenge against the religious sect Saddam Hussain belonged to, the Sunni. Therefore, even though the leader of Iraq was captured the US had to stay in Iraq to keep the peace between these two groups, and fight groups loyal to Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. The war went on for years until 2011 when the US forces left the troubled nation with a U.S. trained army with modern equipment.

Now three years after the US left Iraq, a terrorist organization called ISIS is taking over large areas of the nation, and are inching ever closer to the capital city Bagdad. The well trained army we left behind has shown itself unwilling to fight the terrorist.

So at this point, we should ask ourselves would it really be worth it to spend any more time, money, or lives on a nation that seems unable to become civilized and demographic. In my opinion we should always support those who support democracy financially and diplomatic, but I don’t think the United States is responsible for the welfare of every nation of the world, and we should not give the impression that we are.

Ryan Cunningham

This is the opinion of the writer and does not represent the beliefs of Eye on America




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