Ahmed Abu Khattala

What took the Obama administration so long to capture Benghazi terrorist?

Why did President Obama take so long to catch a terrorist that murdered four Americans


Ahmed Abu Khattala
Ahmed Abu Khattala | Credit: YouTube capture

People across the country are wondering why it took President Obama and his administration so long to capture Benghazi mastermind Ahmed Abu Khattala who was constantly out in the open! He has made his presence known through several major media hubs. In October of 2012, Khatalla met with New York Times reporter; Khatalla appeared calm and having a good time; during this time, Reuters also interviewed him. Most recently, this past August CNN’s Arwa Damon interviewed him.

The question that remains is if the media could find him and talk with him at any time, why couldn’t the military find him and capture him. This is appearing to be a repeat of attempting to capture Bin Laden but somehow could never catch him until some crazy miracle allowed President Obama to catch him. I believe the reason President Obama wanted to hold off on capturing Mr. Khatalla was to use it as a positive message for the administration during a time his foreign policy is continuing to tear from the seams. Right now, he’s dealing with a nightmare in Iraq, continuing investigations in Benghazi, tensions with Iran and Syria. He also wanted to use this capture as a morale booster for the democrats heading into midterm races as well as the 2016 elections.

Fox News’s James Rosen asked the same question but received no answer (surprised?)

The other angle of the fiasco is, why are we treating him like a regular criminal and wanting to try him in court and not sending him to Gitmo as an “enemy combatant”. We need to send him to Gitmo and interrogate him to death until we get all the information we can. When they try him as a “criminal” he gets all the rights entitled to him including a defense lawyer. Can it get any worse? Perhaps Obama will trade him to Libya for a goat.

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