1969 Plymouth Road Runner

What happened to American Ingenuity?

Where did our Edison’s , Ford’s , and Disney’s go?

1969 Plymouth Road Runner
1969 Plymouth Roadrunner | CREDIT Wiki Commons

Edison, Ford, Washington, Franklin and Walt Disney are just a few names of American ingenuity that were around to help make America great in the early years of America’s rise to greatness. America was roaring through during those times. Currently America is falling down a steep slope backwards. China is producing our computer equipment. Most medical professionals come from outside of the country. America’s economy is failing. We’re failing to become a superpower again. When was the last time America built something magnificent.
We need our Edison’s of today to rise up and stand for what America was built for. America was built for greatness. America is greatness. The top medical professional I can think of is Dr. Ben Carson of Johns Hopkins. He believes in what this country stands for. . How many Americans are concerned with finding a cure to cancer, ending hunger, putting a stop to human trafficking. We need to realize that these issues affect us as well not just third-world countries. Who will step up and be the next Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin was a renown inventor, philosopher, diplomat and so much more. GM & Chrysler nearly faced a sudden death however President Bush & Obama dealt them a bailout. Lately cars have been dealing with recalls for reasons such as bad tires, ignition problems and pedal problems. Who will step up and make a real electric car a reality? Who will be the one that leads this country to greatness? How many presidents were actually great, not many? We need more great presidents. Who will be the one that stands up against crime within our cities and says no more? Who is the one that brings Made in the USA back in style; when was the last time you bought something that said “Made In America?”. If the chinese can come up with incredible electronics, if other countries can come up with great doctors, maybe it is time for us to stand up and say no longer will we allow industry be ruled by foreign powers.
Is there a reason American greatness is falling to the wayside; I believe so. The left has corrupted the minds of young Americans making them believe that all that’s important is what the current fad is. The left has drawn young Americans toward the celebrities no thanks to “Obama’s Pet” George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Ashley Judd. Hollywood has crumpled up the future of this great country and tossed it in the trash. They have made America land of the “help ourselves to what we want and forget everyone else”. I am sick of the left dictating how to live when it clearly goes against the morals that this country was built on. We as conservatives must draw a line in the sand and say No Longer Will We Follow the Left’s Agenda.

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