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Pentagon officials confirm capture of Benghazi ringleader

US Military captures suspected ringleader of Benghazi attack


Benghazi Attack | CREDIT: YouTube Capture

WASHINGTON, June 17, 2014 – One of the ringleaders of the 2012 Benghazi attack was captured inside Libya by U.S. military. The suspect is Ansar al-Sharia commander Ahmed Abu Khattala. He was captured south of Benghazi. Sunday and according to Fox News will face prosecution in the United States! This is the first arrest in connection with the 9/11 attack.

In a statement issued from Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby reported no civilian casualties related to this operation and all us personnel involved have safely departed Libya. According to CNN, federal prosecutors filed charges against Mr. Khatallah over the Benghazi attack. President Obama approved this mission on Friday night.

Senator Ayotte issued a statement regarding the capture of Mr. Khatallah:

I am pleased that Khattala is finally in U.S. custody, and I am grateful for the military, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals who helped capture him. Terrorists who kill Americans must know that the U.S. government will do whatever is required to find them and bring them to justice. Rather than rushing to read him his Miranda rights and telling him he has the right to remain silent, I hope the administration will focus on collecting the intelligence necessary to prevent future attacks and to find other terrorists responsible for the Benghazi attacks.”

The Obama administration first claimed the attack on the Benghazi consulate was an act of violence in response to a video, which mocked Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. As the dust continues to settle, we still have no answer from the Obama administration or even from Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Congress has held countless hearings over Benghazi and still has not received an answer on anything.


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