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Hillary Clinton’s accidental run in with Justice Sotomayor

Clinton’s run in with Justice Sotomayor coincidence or strategic?

Hillary Clinton | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

Hillary Clinton | CREDIT: Wiki Commons

The internet is a buzz with Justice Sotomayor’s run in with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Costco. Secretary Clinton was promoting her new book “Hard Choices” The question is whether it was coincidence or a strategic tactic. Justice Sotomayor said she was “just shopping” and entered Costco wearing a striped shirt and pants and sandals that is in contrast to her usual “justice” attire. Along with Sotomayor, famed Civil Rights era figure Rep. John Lewis stopped to speak with Clinton. Rep. Lewis was one of her major supporters until the Clinton campaign sank and he jumped ship and threw his endorsement to President Obama. Sotomayor didn’t hesitate in picking up a copy of Clinton’s book; a sign of respect to Clinton, as Clinton purchased Sotomayor’s book.

Clinton’s event lasted three hours and 20 minutes according to Politico’s Maggie Haberman. Many political insiders see this book tour as part of her launch into the 2016 race. According to reporters Sotomayor and Lewis claimed they were there “shopping”. I don’t buy that for one second. I see this as a political move. Showing the world that she has the support from a fellow woman and Hispanic as well as a former rival. Rep. Lewis can be a huge supporter when Clinton officially enters the 2016 ring.

After the event ended, she ignored reporters who wanted to ask Clinton some questions, probably in regards to 2016 or a possible subpoena to Congress. What do you think of Clinton’s “run in” with Sotomayor and Rep. Lewis.


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